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We are excited to announce our new delivery service for 2023. Deliveries are offered four times a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from June 1st - October 10th between 1 and 3:30pm. Farm pick up is available Tuesday - Friday.


We have three options and price ranges described below.


Full: Our full sized arrangements are great to send for a special event such as a birthday or a thinking of you.


Statement: Statement pieces do just that. Make a statement! They are great for parties, celebrations and farewell celebrations.


Extra Large: Our extra large arrangments are great for funerals and large events.


*Special note upon checkout: You will be asked to fill out three sections (shipping, delivery method, payment).


Shipping: Your recipient's name and address must be placed into the shipping section. 


Delivery: Please select delivery or farm pick up.


Payment: Your information will be placed under billing information on the payment screen.


If delivery is needed on a "non scheduled" delivery day please make a note when checking out and we will be in touch to work with you to the best of our ability to have it delivered on your preferred date.


Fresh Florals - Delivery/Farm Pick Up

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