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I live in central Pennsylvania with my husband and son. I love being outdoors with my hands in the dirt and working on our farm. I am passionate about bringing the local flower movement to central PA.

I also love early mornings with my dark roast cup of coffee, family hikes with my husband & son, listening to the ocean, the smell of fresh cut hay and Disney World!

I do not love cooking, baking, cleaning out the refrigerator or being stuck inside on a beautiful day.


There is nothing like giving the gift of flowers and the smile they bring to someone's face. 

The Farm

Our  farm is situated amidst the mountains & valleys of central Pennsylvania, about thirty minutes from State College.

My great great grandfather bought it in 1914. Today my husband and I own 138 acres of the original 168. We purchased it in 2008 and raise beef cattle, make hay and also rent a portion of it.

We believe in stewardship and using the best practices possible to take care of what has been given to us. It is my desire to have a business off of our farm that not only supports our local economy but that also makes the generations before me and after me proud.

We are surrounded by other farmers and the Amish. I feel extremely blessed to be able to raise our son in an area with very minimal traffic and where you can still hear the crickets & birds sing you to sleep and wake you in the morning.

-xo Katie

Meet Katie

"I have a desire deep inside. Generations have worked this land before me. My innermost being is a creation of these generations of strong men and women. My soul desires to live off of our farm, work it with my own hands, and cultivate the fields that my father’s father and generations before them have worked."

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