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Being Intentional

"Be Intentional"

The last few weeks these two words have been rolling around inside my brain and I feel like two simple words can have amazing power. I'm not sure why they are in my head or where they came from but I feel like they are changing who I am, how I act and the way I am living. I think that they are there for a reason and if I am going to start a business these words need to be a part of my thought process day in and day out. Kind of like a new habit that just becomes a way of life.

I think some people naturally have that intentional complex engraved into their dna at birth but I definitely do not. For me personally it could probably be said that I feel like I am a day late and a dollar short on almost everything. I get overwhelmed and procrastinate. Trying to be proactive and not reactive to daily situations takes serious work. I would say there are four things in my life that if I leave out of it on a regular basis I completely fall off of my axis.

1. Devotions and time alone with God

2. Exercise

3. Planning my meals and eating clean

4. Keeping my counters cleared

I know #4 sounds silly but there is some level of control that I feel like I have over my house when the counters are clean. I really find that if I go a couple of days and leave one of these four things out, I start to go a little wacky (I try to keep it inside my head but ultimately my husband and son get the brunt of it).

What I am learning is that there isn't a darn person out there but myself who can make these things happen. If I want to feel better spiritually I need to give myself and my family to God daily. If I want to feel better mentally I need to exercise and keep on top of the house. If I want to feel better physically I need to cut out the sugars and refined carbs and have my meals planned and prepped. I basically have to tell myself the week ahead of time what I am going to eat (side note: this past week has been terrible and I feel like I've barely had my head above the water on several occasions so know that I fail constantly and consistently but giving yourself grace is a great thing!).

You may be asking yourself what does this all have to do with flowers? Being able to say that we have our first season under our belt feels good and while I feel excited for next season, deep down I am also a little intimidated. However, in the upcoming months I will be sitting down and mapping out exactly what I want to plant, when it needs to be started, when it needs to go in the field, when we need to fertilize, etc. I also said at the end of last season that I am not working on anything regarding flowers on Sundays this year. I know to some seasoned growers that may sound crazy and it's not that I have this belief that you shouldn't work on Sundays, but I know me and I know I need one day a week to rest, to take time away, to hike with my family or watch a movie and this is the best day that suits our schedule. I cannot make early mornings and late nights work for months on end without ultimately paying for it.

I have been trying to follow the path these two simple words are taking me down since the end of September and I can tell you something. I am intentionally taking time to just be; be with my family, read to my son, listen and show acts of love to my husband, spend intentional time on the business, clean my house one room at a time (top to bottom clean). I am finding that when I am not intentional with my time it totally gets chewed up by random nothingness and I feel like a sludge just aimlessly going through the days.

I am writing this in hopes that these words can be encouraging to someone else but also when those days ahead come and I feel crazy, busy and exhausted by the numerous to-do's that I can come back here for a "refresh".

Have a good weekend everyone!


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