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Falling Down, Getting Up And Cliff Jumping

Welcome back to my little space. I am sitting here writing while the snow is coming down outside. It has been too long since I have crawled back into my little corner of the web and updated everyone. There are a lot of changes coming down the line for our business and our family. I have taken a much needed step away from social media overall, frankly because my brain just needed a break. In a way I am sorry that I did this because I strongly feel when you have a business you need to be present day in and day out but on the other hand stepping off for a solid month was just what I needed to feel revamped and renewed.

Looking back over 2020 it was definitely a year that stretched me in so many ways but also a year that showed me what I really can do when I am here at the farm full time. I ended up being off of work from mid March until late June. This was so crucial and I was able to get so many tasks knocked out that I normally would have done in the evening hours after work and on the weekends. Fast forward to the fall, at this point both Clint and I were back to our jobs and I was starting to get very behind on the day to day tasks of the farm and basically was focused on putting out the biggest fire first.

At the beginning of November we had a big work crew of family here and with beautiful weather we were able to get the plastic on the high tunnel. That was Sunday. Monday morning I woke up feeling like I had some allergies but chalked it up to being outside all weekend. By Tuesday morning I felt like someone was running a chainsaw through my head. Needless to say Covid came knocking. Over the next two weeks not much happened in that tunnel but low and behold it did get planted by the end of November (much later that I had anticipated).

So with most of November being eaten up by not feeling well and the holidays swooping up December I definitely felt a need to step back, shut everything down and focus on resting and planning my beds for 2021. Now here we are on the first day of February and I feel so excited for what this year is going to bring.

I titled this blog Falling Down, Getting Up and Cliff Jumping because that is exactly what the end of 2020 brought us. We were knocked down but God is always faithful and provided the perfect weather on the days we needed it the most to get caught up. We jumped back up, kept our heads down and plowed through all of the jobs that we were behind on throughout December and January.

I finally took the leap and stepped off of the cliff handing in my notice to my employer. As of April 1, 2021 I will no longer be a dental hygienist but a full time farmer/florist. It still seems completely surreal. We have worked towards this for five long years and it has finally paid off due in part to extremely long days and hours but mostly because of all of you & our awesome community supporting us!

I can't thank you enough!

There are so many plans I have now that I will be able to be here full time, things that I just was not able to do before. I said to my husband the other night that I do feel like I am completely stepping off of a cliff but I have no doubt that there are secure hands that will not allow me to slam into the rocky shores below.

Please keep checking social media, the blog and be sure to sign up for our newsletter (this will be coming out more regularly this year) to stay up to date with all of our flower happenings here at the farm!



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