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Funerals and Weddings - Part 1

One of the first pieces of advice that I received from an experienced grower when I started this business was to try everything and see what works for YOUR business. Don't model your business after anyone else. Stick to what works for you!

I made a list of every option I could think of for selling my flowers. I've tried a lot of those outlets. One avenue I definitely looked into and thought I would probably have to do to get my name into the community was farmer's markets. For one reason or another it just never worked out and I'm honestly not sorry! The thought of sitting outside all day in the heat trying to keep flowers alive and hoping people will buy them all while giving up precious time at home where a million things need tending sounded absolutely horrific to me.

Slash farmer's markets off the list!

Sending off bouquets to stores every week is a huge blessing and we sell more and more every year. I have that system down and can whip out those bouquets lickity split (please feel free to design them to your liking in your vase at home!).

Next enter weddings. I am not going to go into a ton of detail in this post regarding weddings, I'll save that for my next post but I will probably have a lot to say!

Then last year my little "birdy" wings were kicked out of the nest yet again when I was asked to provide flowers for a funeral. My first reaction was no way. I can't do that! Then I sat on it for a few hours and thought if I never try I'll never know so I said yes.

Friends let me tell you what. Did you ever feel like something sparks inside of you and it's like...."this is it!!"

That is exactly what happened to me. All of a sudden I could see a clear path that my business needed to head towards.

There was such a peace that night when I was doing something that should have freaked me the heck out, something I had never even thought of doing but something just felt so right about it. I knew I was providing fresh, beautiful, locally grown blooms and felt so much compassion in my heart for what the family was going through. Everything about it just felt right.

As I sat back and looked at it I realized also that the flowers had movement and texture and didn't look stiff and fake like typical funeral flowers. I said to myself it's time for a flower revolution in the funeral world! No more carnations and standard roses (nothing against either of those flowers) but lets add all of the little touches that imported flowers can't provide.

Currently Back Mountain Flower Farm offers casket sprays, end vases and custom compote arrangements. We do not currently do standing wreaths and standing sprays. I accommodate color requests as much as possible but do ask that you be open to other options as we do source everything from our farm or other local growers and a specific color may be unavailable.

Please know that if you would ever need our services for a sympathy or funeral arrangement I put my heart into them and know the grief first hand of losing a loved one. I am here to work with you and provide something extremely special in remembrance.



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