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Looking Ahead, Dialing In and...

Bringing back the blog!!

Here it is…mid January. I know for most of you winter takes its toll and seems to drag on. Since I have started this business my winters literally fly by. To put it in theme park terminology, the last six weeks have been a roller coaster and now I just want a nice float ride to enjoy some down time over the next six weeks before it is time to dive head first into Dahlia dividing, Tulip harvesting and weddings.


This year I am focused on dialing in what is working really well for our business and cutting out what is not working. Keep on reading to see a few areas of our business that are NOT getting the nix!


Weddings. To date for 2024 we have 18 weddings booked, in comparison we did 29 last year. The social media comparison trap can suck you in without warning, trying to figure out what works best for my individual business with the time and help that I have is a balancing act that takes time and a focused intent to look only at my business and not snapshots of someone else’s progress on social media. Over the years I have slowly worked towards finding that “sweet” spot. This season I have decided that I want to scale back to 20 events for the next few years (at least until my son is out of high school and sports). In 2024 that means certain weekends will be blocked and for the majority of weekends I will do one wedding per weekend, I will absolutely not be doing 4 or 5 in a weekend any longer. This means book early if you want to use our seasonal flowers!!

Wedding work accounts for half of our gross revenue and when you have amazing brides like we do you can’t not love it but doing multiple weddings in a weekend is a fast track to burn out (for me personally) so this year I am guarding myself and setting those boundaries.


Subscriptions. I feel incredibly blessed to say this out loud but we have 85 subscribers this year. Once I have my season finalized and mapped out, I may open a few additional spots. Our subscription service is one of the best things about my business. I can’t even explain how much joy I get in making these bouquets every week. There is pressure, don’t get me wrong and I am always looking for ways to improve it but our subscribers know they are going to get the best of what is blooming each week and I get to make any color combination that my little heart desires for them. It balances out the rigidity of wedding work perfectly.


Retail. We will still be offering bouquets to you each week but I have something new in the works. I can’t chat about it just yet because it is not 100% set in stone but if all goes as planned it’s going to be pretty awesome.


The Farm. Scheduled photo shoots and U picks. More please!!

While we are a working farm, I am not ready to pull the trigger on having it open on a daily basis but last season we trialed scheduled photo shoots and a u pick. The photo shoots turned out amazing and I want more of you to have an opportunity in 2024. We are also planning a Tulip u – pick this spring so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, more info to come!!

Now it is back to my end of the year accounting projects and securing beds that blew off in this weeks wind storm before the next round of wind comes this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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