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Today I am thankful that as this post is being published I am getting ready to board a plane and fly to sunny Florida, my happy place, my soul filling home away from home that I do not get to frequent nearly enough.

In all seriousness though, as we celebrated a year of gratitude and thankfulness yesterday I thought I would let you know from a business standpoint the gratitude I have to those around me for their help this past season.

First is this guy. Even though this was not his dream he has supported it from day one. Not one single time has he faltered in his belief that we can make something out of this. He has done the heavy lifting and has had an open ear every time I need to bounce ideas off of his head. He is constantly thinking and planning ways to make this better.

I have two amazing mothers (my mom and mother-in-law) who helped and supported me this year. My mom would come down in the evenings and help me cut and harvest flowers even after a long day of work. My mother in law would come and clean for us. Both of these ladies kept me going even though they probably didn't realize it.

There were some ladies who run small businesses that supported me and were so open to helping us. Donna @Snowflakes on the Square, Michele @Squire Brown's, Liz @Revival Kitchen, and Lila @East End Coffee.

I also had several other offers from ladies who just want to help next year which is totally and completely amazing to me and appreciated more than they know.

This little farm is so thankful for the smiles that we were able to give over this past year, thankful for each and every person who bought a bouquet or placed an order and excited for what is to come.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you!


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