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LynnVale Studios Recap

As I sit here today, I am looking out my window at our fields that are blanketed with a fresh snow, I tell myself how much I am not a fan of winter. If I am honest though there is something deep inside that is softening towards this time of year and I am finding that I am grateful for the clean, crisp, vibrant beauty that is shining back at me. There is something peaceful about a new snowfall before it is tarnished with road salt and vehicles.Something needed in the slower pace. I find myself enjoying this winter more than any before because I know in just a few short months I am going to be putting the bustle in my hustle and I'm not ready for that just yet. I will be when March rolls around but for now I am just enjoying.

I thought I would take you back to August when I took a two day class in Virginia at LynnVale Studios for a Farmer Florist Master Workshop. It was an incredible two days, in addition to all of the flower and business information I received, I was also able to meet a wonderful new group of ladies and eat some delicious food.

Day 1

When we arrived at the farm on Wednesday we were greeted with coffee and tea. We all sat down together introduced ourselves and talked about our business or for some the dream of creating a business.

After that Andrea took us on a tour of her fields. One thing that I can remember was that it was so refreshing to see that she didn't do everything perfectly. Her Lisianthus were laying flat on the ground (just like mine), I had been beating myself up for not getting them netted and it was just nice to see that the pros slip up too.

Next we had a session on centerpiece design. She had the entire side of her barn filled with flowers and after our lesson were let loose to design until our hearts were content. There were so many amazing types of blooms and foliages. We all felt like a kids in a candy store (or if you were my son, The Lego Store!).

Day 2

We started the morning off with a round table discussing and learning about weddings, contracts and proposals. We also had workshops on color theory, bouquet design and farming strategies. There was also time for arch work design to be squeezed in at the end. At the end of the day we were able to design our own bridal and market bouquets. Getting to use new to me unique foliage's and fillers was absolutely amazing. Some I will be incorporating into growing this season.

I am so thankful that I took this class. In 2018 we have the opportunity to design several weddings and I am hoping that will only continue to grow in the years to come. There is something truly magical about incorporating fresh, seasonal blooms into your events. Taking Andrea's class was a wonderful experience and I am excited to take what I have learned and apply it in the 2018 season (and document it for all of you along the way)!


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