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2018 Goals

Isn't it funny how sometimes you can feel on top of the world and ready for anything; ready to "bring it on" and other times you feel like the world is on top of you and you are...well...squashed.

Earlier in the week I was feeling a little squashed, wondering how in the world I am going to do everything that I need and want to this year. I was reminded earlier this week that God has laid this business idea on my heart and He will see it through (thank you Jenn). So I decided to go back to my goal list for this year and sat down with my husband and developed a plan for our spring and summer. I thought I would share with you what my specific goals for this upcoming year are. There a quite a few and I may not reach them all and that's okay but I will continue to try.

Business Goals

1. Take Daily Notes

-This is an area that I slacked off and did not do a great job with last year. This year I hope to take daily notes on when and how seeds are started, bloom times, how each variety does, etc. I feel like this is going to be crucial in the long term success of our farm.

2. Post 3x Per Week on Social Media

-Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram, this is the best way to keep our community in the loop and engaged.

3. Friday Blog

- I love writing and talking about what we have going on at the farm and I want to keep these Friday blog posts going throughout the entire year.

4. Book Keeping Once Per Week

-By logging all sales and expenses once per week this will cut down a ton of work at the end of each month which is when I logged everything this past year.

5. Stick to the Schedule

-I have it on paper the days that I want to fertilize, start seeds, weed, etc. So the goal this year is to stick to it!

6. Provide Full Service Flowers for 2-3 Weddings

-At this point in our business providing flowers for weddings is the path that I feel directed to take. I have two lovely ladies entrusting me with their special day and I will evaluate if that is still the case at the end of the year.

7. Start Fall Planted Flowers in August

-I totally bombed this last year and didn't even think about what I wanted to grow until mid August let along actually start seeds in August.

8. Classes at Squire Browns

-I would love to hold some workshops at SB maybe relating to centerpiece design, bouquet making, etc. Stay tuned for more details.

9. Finish Cooler

-This one is mainly on my husband but I will be there cheering him on

10. Create a Design Studio/Workspace

-We have a building on our farm that we've always called "the wash house". I have big big plans for this area in the future. Right now it stores a lot of miscellaneous items that need to find a new home and then I am going to turn my sister lose in there to create a really cool space for me to work.

11. Apply for a High Tunnel Grant

-I am meeting with a local rep from the NRCS in regards to applying for a grant and hopefully, maybe in the future will have a high tunnel to extend our growing season at each end of the season.

Personal Goals

1. Run 3 x Per Week

-This is something that keeps my mental status at a level that makes me tolerable to live with, so we'll just say I am doing this for both Clint and myself :-)

2. Sundays Off

-I want this to be a day for the three of us as a family to be able to hike or fish and just take time to be together. I only have one child, he is almost ten and my years of him wanting to spend time with his mom and dad are quickly vanishing.

So there you have it. It's a little extensive and seems like a lot when I lay it all out on top of working and being a wife and mom but I can and I will. I will fail at some things and succeed at more. If you have a dream that is tugging at your heart, I hope you dare to take the steps toward it, no matter how hard or impossible it may seem. That first step is always the hardest and it feels like stepping off of a cliff but is worth chasing.

Have a great weekend!


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