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I Need Your Feedback

Good Friday morning friends! I can't believe as I sit here that we are quickly approaching one year since we established Back Mountain Flower Farm. I feel like last year at this time we were this awkward little baby who was just learning how to crawl and by the end of the season we had made it to our feet. I am so excited to see what this year brings and hopefully by the end of 2018 we will be walking without falling!

I come to you today in need of a couple of favors. I am so appreciative of the amazing support from our community, it has really truly made this adventure fun.

This year I would like to expand our offerings a bit and offer some classes. We plan to hold floral design classes at Squire Brown's throughout the months of July, August, September and possibly October. I would even love to hold at least one here at the farm but time will tell.

I have ideas for classes rambling through my brain but would love your input and feel free to give me any ideas you have that are not listed below! So here they are:

-Centerpiece Design: Each attendee will design a beautiful compote centerpiece to take home with them.

-Bouquets: There are multiple ways to make a bouquet believe it or not and each attendee will leave with a very robust bouquet wrapped in silk that they can later display in a vase at home.

-Floral Jewelry: The sky is the limit, attendees can design floral cuffs (forget the bulky wrist corsages!), necklaces, floral tattoos or flower crowns.

-Wreaths: In this workshop each attendee will create a fall wreath to take home and display.

-Seed starting via soil blocking: This workshop will teach you how I start thousands of seeds in a tiny little space. Each attendee will take home a tray of soil blocks of hardy summer annuals that they can take home to be planted in the garden.

-Bridal Party Workshop: This would be an option for you, your bridal party, friends and/or family to create your own center pieces for your reception. I would come to your house and give a demo and then allow you to create to your hearts contentment.

Please share in the comments which classes you would find the most appealing to you or ideas on classes/workshops that are not listed above.

This brings me to my second favor! I have noticed a change in Facebook, I think a lot of us have and am not sure that as many of you are seeing my posts as frequently as before. Here is what I am asking! When you go to our page under the business name you will see highlighted buttons showing that you have "liked" and "follow" our page. 1.Please click on the "follow" link.

2.You will see three options, "unfollow" - "default" - "see first". Most of you will have the default setting selected.

3. I am asking you to please not unfollow me ;-) but to click on the see first link. This will help to ensure that everyone is seeing our posts as they come through and I promise I will not bombard your news feeds multiple times a day!

Thanks so much for your help in this, I am so excited for a great growing season in 2018

and please leave a comment on classes that you think would be the most enjoyable to you!

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