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Life - What I Didn't Expect!

Photo Credit: Pastor Douglas Sabin

I am sitting here today just taking some time to reflect. Reflecting on this past year, reflecting on the year ahead and the vision that I have for it.

It kind of has me thinking.

I think planning and having a vision is something we NEED to do. I think God rewards action. When we sit and put pen to paper and formulate a plan and then take those small steps every single day we get to see that fruition come full scale. It may take months or years or even a decade for it to happen but all of those small little steps WILL add up.

Sitting here reflecting also had me thinking of everything in my life that I NEVER expected.

-I honestly never expected to have a husband that was made just for me. I was in good relationships and bad relationships but God seriously made this man just for me! He is my partner and my best friend (yes we do fight and yes they can be pretty darn ugly because we are both extremely hard headed but after 15 years they are few and far between).

-I never expected to only have one child. That was never ever ever ever in my manual. I thought there would be at least 3 to 5 kiddos running around this place.

-I never expected to develop an autoimmune disease and from that become a Beachbody coach as an outreach to help others.

-I never expected to become a cut flower grower. I love the outdoors, I love everything about our farm and I knew I wanted to start something that I could do from home but guys! Get ready....

I didn't even know what a Zinnia was when I started this!

I knew NOTHING about flowers.

Like literally nothing.

The only thing I knew was that I liked them and that I would rather have flowers than jewelry as a gift but I could basically only tell you what a Rose and what a Daisy was!

My point in confessing that to you is that we tend to look at people and think.

"Well I could never do that. I don't have her skill or ability or knowledge. I would have no clue where to start."

I'm here to tell you that as you sit and reflect and dream about your future. Don't discredit yourself! Don't count yourself out of the game! Create your vision and go for it.

My tips for achieving your goals are this:

1. Pray about it. Make sure that this is what you are to be doing. I don't think God always gives us the clear little voice in our ear either. For me, it just felt right. I could have used all of the excuses. Especially the big one that I didn't know a darn thing about flowers!

2. Research it. I took over a year and I read and researched and learned as much as I could and then I started on a super small scale.

3. Take small actionable steps everyday. If you are trying to be healthier, start with one section of your day and then add in half of your day and so on. Cut out one thing from your diet that is holding you back from getting the results you want.

If you have a business idea figure out what you need to do each day to make that dream a reality. It's so easy to tell yourself, "Well, I have no idea how to market this product or I wouldn't know how to sell it online or no one would want to buy this." Those are lies we allow in our brain and yes you absolutely can figure it out!!


Our lives take us down all kinds of paths that we never thought we would go down. Some of them are amazing and some of them hurt and some of them are just hard. Most of them we don't understand.

Hoping this helped someone out there who has a big goal or dream they want to chase after! Comment and tell me what crazy dream you have that you would love to pursue!!

(apart from growing flowers and my side coaching business I would love to be a Disney travel agent and play the violin!!)


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