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June Update

We have been pretty busy around here but then again who isn't? I'm a little embarrassed to say that my poor husband is out weeding while I sit here typing!

  • Over the last 3 months I have started and direct seeded thousands of seeds. I have learned a tremendous amount about seed starting in that time. Probably the biggest lesson (and I'm not sure why this is a surprise) is that not every seed I start is going to germinate so plan for extra!

  • We have 3 beds that are each 200 feet long plus a separate area (we call it the garden) that has 15 beds each 30 feet in length. The third 200 foot row is almost completely planted so yesterday we ripped out the "garden" area where the spring flowers were shining just a few short weeks ago. We will prep these beds by roto-tilling, placing a heavy layer of compost, fertilizer, drip irrigation and landscape fabric down before planting next weekend. These beds will give a home to the flowers of September and early October.

  • We started out by ordering a small amount of dahlia tubers this year with the goal to expand it each year. We have 30 plants popping out of the ground and I'm a little nervous because in my book these ladies are the "queen of the garden".

  • I am a little late but am starting to put together my order list for tulips next spring as well as peonies, all will go into the ground this fall. I am aiming to plant about 125 peony plants so that in two-three years when we are (hopefully) doing weddings there will be some absolute gorgeousness to offer spring brides and local florists.

  • We had a great response to our bouquet subscription and the first batch of flowers went out to members last week and the second round will go this week. I already have plans and ideas for what I would like to do different for this next year so stay tuned this fall/winter.

  • We are currently selling our bouquets on Fridays and Saturdays at Squire Brown's and Revival Kitchen. In the next few weeks they will also be available at Snowflakes in Lewistown and possibly one other location. Please check our Facebook page for updates on this. Everything that should be blooming in the next two weeks is several weeks behind due to our cool spring. With multiple outside orders and the bouquet subscriptions there may only be flowers at one retail outlet for the next few weeks. Just check FB Friday mornings and I will post where you can purchase them.

Thank you so much to every single person who is supporting locally grown flowers. If you have bought a bouquet, subscription, bulk order, etc we would love to have you leave a review on our Facebook page. We have huge dreams for this farm and the local flower movement but right now it is one day, one weed, one plant, one bouquet at a time.

Have a wonderful last week of June!

-Katie & Clint

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