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What is a Bouquet Subscription??

Last spring we launched our bouquet subscriptions and they were a hit. I sold double the amount that I had hoped to.

Bouquet subscriptions are a great way to enjoy fresh flowers throughout the growing season by receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers once a week. They are available on a monthly basis from July-September and are a beautiful way to brighten up your home, office or to give as a gift.

You will enjoy a variety of colors, textures and blooms as the season changes. Each bouquet is lush, full and is wrapped in brown kraft paper ready for you to place in a vase at home.

When you purchase a bouquet subscription you are not just securing a months worth of fresh blooms the following season but you are also helping your local farmer with up front costs for seeds, compost and other purchases for the upcoming year.

Our flowers are cut no more than 24 hours prior to delivery so they truly are the freshest that you can receive (please note that varying factors go into the longevity of blooms and some have a vase life of 3-4 days while others can last for over a week).

If you are in search of a last minute Christmas gift or would like to give the gift of local flowers to a special person in your life next year then consider a bouquet subscription. This is a really unique way to give a gift that is not just a "one time" offering!

See our website under the tab "Buy Our Flowers" for additional information. Subscriptions will be on sale through June of 2018 or until sold out.

Stephanie-one of our 2017 bouquet subscribers

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