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Week In Review

What a roller coaster this week has been. I promise I am trying to grow flowers!

Mother Nature however is not wanting to be very helpful. I thought I would share a few pics from around here this week. It is seriously a mess. I have flowers trying to bloom only to get confused by the crazy temperature swings, tulips that are ever so slowly creeping out of their nice warm cocoon, little baby seedlings that are begging me to plant them out. The heat mats and growing cart is completely filled and dare I say the soil needs to be worked. It's been a constant game of uncover the tunnels, cover the tunnels, uncover, cover. On Wednesday the wind completely ripped up all of the landscape fabric that was covering our peonies. I'm starting to actually worry as to whether I am going to have enough blooms when I need them come June. I told my husband this week that we should just sell the farm and buy something semi ocean front in Florida (just joking). But in all reality this summer when there are all kinds of dreamy flowers and it seems like what we are doing is the most awesome thing...just remember what a roller coaster it all is, especially when you only have a season under your belt and are figuring a lot of it out on the fly!

On a positive note I was able to pick the first few stems of anemones...see below

Stay warm this weekend; spring is out there...around a corner...somewhere...

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