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What No One Ever Told Me About Business


Oh my gosh you guys. I am sitting here and it is almost November! November!! I feel like I was just down in my shop whipping up Mother's Day orders. It has been way to long since I have opened up this blog.

I thought I would talk about the things nobody ever told me about starting a business. When I started this I just knew that I wanted to eventually get out (or at least cut way back) of the operatory. I knew starting a business without taking on any additional debt would be hard. I knew starting a business while still working and being a mom and a wife would be hard.

Let me tell you, I didn't know just HOW HARD it would be. I didn't know all of the roles that I would soon be juggling as this flower gig began to grow. All of a sudden I sit back and realize I am not just a "farmer" but I am also:

the planner

the designer

the supply and inventory purchaser

the accountant

the receptionist

the weeder

the harvester

the social media guru

the planter

the seed starter

the delivery girl

the bucket washer

and the list goes on...

Amidst all of that you still get to manage working a job, loving on your husband and son, putting meals on the table (Clint helps with this a lot) and kinda trying to keep the house somewhat decently presentable.

Here's the thing. I've felt like I failed in so many of these areas but this year I can say I felt like I kept things moving in the right direction most of the season. What I think I am most excited about is this...and please hear me whatever season of life you are in!

We are not meant to take it all on alone!

I feel so freed in finally accepting that I can't even remotely do it all and nor do I want to anymore. I think I have finally found the place of knowing what my strengths are and knowing where I need to hire out next year.

The first two years were hard for several reasons. One, we didn't have the extra cash flow to hire help. Two, I didn't know what my strengths or my weaknesses were and three, I'll just say it.

I'm a control freak.

I like things done a certain way and I like to do them myself because then I know how they are getting done even if someone else could be doing them better.

We have had a wonderful year and met some of the most incredible people this year. We've met goals, we've stepped out of the nest and tried new things. We've failed as well but the only way to fail is to fail forward right?

We are working on getting information out for our 2020 Bouquet Subscriptions so be sure to head to our contact page and sign up for our newsletter. I will be sending out information regarding a NEW option for next year that has a special discount if purchased before the end of 2019. I think it is something that is going to serve everyone better!

Thanks for making the last year in this decade a good one!


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